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Fourth Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction Glob Heart ; — Long-term outcomes in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy caused by mutations in the cardiac troponin T gene. Circ Cardiovasc Genet.

hypertension guidelines 2022 algorithm

Mutations of heart troponines, associated with cardiomyopathies. Cardiology: news, opinions, training ; 7: 8— Expression hypertension guidelines 2022 algorithm messenger RNA of the cardiac isoforms of troponin T and I in myopathic skeletal muscle. Am J Clin Pathol.

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RNA expression of cardiac troponin T isoforms in diseased human skeletal muscle. Clin Chem. Elevated plasma cardiac troponin T levels caused by skeletal muscle damage in pompe disease. Elevated cardiac troponin T in patients with skeletal myopathies.

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J Am Coll Cardiol. The development of striated cardiac muscle tissue in the walls of the caval and hypertension guidelines 2022 algorithm veins. J Anatomy Histopathol. Non-coronarogenic causes of increased cardiac troponins in clinical practice.


J Clin Pract. Cardiac troponins: from myocardial infarction to chronic disease. Cardiovasc Res. Pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiotoxicity in chemotherapeutic agents. Russian Open Med J. Arrhythmogenic effects of doxorubicin. Complex Issues Cardiovasc Dis. MicroRNAs in atrial fibrillation: pathophysiological aspects and potential biomarkers.

Int J Biomed.

hypertension guidelines 2022 algorithm

Elevated troponin in septic patients in the emergency department: frequency, causes, and prognostic implications.

Clin Res Cardiol. Predictors of high sensitivity cardiac troponin T in chronic kidney disease patients: a cross-sectional study in the chronic renal insufficiency cohort CRIC. BMC Nephrol.

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Relationship between uremic myopathy and false-positive cardiac troponin T test. Nephron ; — Diurnal rhythm of cardiac troponin: consequences for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction.

hypertension guidelines 2022 algorithm

Circadian rhythms of cardiac troponins: mechanisms and clinical significance. Russian J Cardiol. High-sensitivity cardiac troponins: circadian hypertension guidelines 2022 algorithm.

Cardiovasc Ther Prev.

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IFCC educational materials on selected analytical and clinical applications of high sensitivity cardiac troponin assays. Clin Biochem. Age- and sex-dependent upper reference limits for the high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T assay. Strong diurnal rhythm of troponin T, but not troponin I, in a patient with renal dysfunction. Int J Cardiol. On the potential effect of circadian rhythms of cardiac troponins on the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction.

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Signa Vitae ; 79— Urine high sensitive troponin I measuring in patients with hypertension. Signa Vitae ; 13 Suppl 3 : 62— Clinical and diagnostic value of cardiac markers in human biological fluids.

Kardiologiia ; 66— Salivary high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T levels in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Oral Dis. Concentration of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I in the oral fluid in patients with acute myocardial infarction: a pilot study. Cardiac-specific troponin-I radioimmunoassay in the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. Am Heart J. Cardiac troponin assay classification by both clinical and analytical performance characteristics: a study on outcome prediction.

Development and in vitro characterization of a new immunoassay of cardiac troponin T. Results from a multicenter evaluation of the 4th generation Elecsys troponin T assay.

Clin Lab. Incremental value of copeptin for rapid rule out of acute myocardial infarction. Reference population and marathon runner sera assessed by highly sensitive cardiac troponin T and commercial cardiac troponin T and I assays.

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Serial changes in highly sensitive troponin I assay and early diagnosis of myocardial infarction. JAMA ; — Cardiac troponin I. A marker with high specificity for cardiac injury.

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Hypertension guidelines 2022 algorithm ; — Counterpoint: Standardization of cardiac troponin I assays will not occur in my lifetime. Global adoption of high-sensitivity cardiac troponins and the universal definition of myocardial infarction.

Limit of blank, limit of detection and limit of quantitation. Clin Biochem Rev. Influence of population selection on the 99th percentile reference value for cardiac troponin assays. The applied statistical approach highly influences the 99th percentile of cardiac troponin I. Challenging the 99th percentile: a lower troponin cutoff leads to low mortality of chest pain patients.

Rapid rule-out of acute myocardial infarction with a single high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T measurement below the limit of detection: a collaborative meta-analysis.

Ann Intern Med. One-hour rule-in and rule-out of acute myocardial infarction using high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I. Diagnostic accuracy of a new high-sensitivity troponin I assay and five accelerated diagnostic pathways for ruling out acute myocardial infarction and acute coronary syndrome.

Ann Emerg Med. Ultrasensitive quantification of cardiac troponin I hypertension guidelines 2022 algorithm a single molecule counting method: analytical validation and biological features. Clin Chim Acta ; —